Bio – Jérémy Vitupier (english)

Jérémy VitupierJérémy VitupierJérémy Vitupier


Jérémy has always been drawn to the stage. He has participated in many theatre courses and has never missed the chance to perform. At a young age he had always hoped to become an actor as way to release the large amount of energy building up inside of him. Jérémy started at a young age by learning many different skills which he taught himself and which he studied in different schools (acting, dancing, martial arts…). It was at this age that he realized « An actor must know how to do everything ». With this philosophy Jérémy discovered the circus, and ultimately clowning.

His parents first encouraged him to focus on his studies before anything else. Jérémy decided to study in an area of artistic matters, and focused on the organization of cultural projects and events.

As chance would have it, after receiving his university diploma, Jérémy began working for a community organization whose main focus was a circus school!

Combing his employment with artistic projects (writing, directing, theatre, and circus) he finally began presenting his work in different theatres, festivals, and on the street. It was at this time that he found once again the clown, which would become his main artistic obsession.

Finally, the need and the desire to push his knowledge in a solid training brought Jérémy to audition at the National Circus School of Montreal. It was at this school that Jérémy was accepted and studied for 3 years as a Clown Duo specialist working alongside his partner Antonin. He has also been trained in slack wire, acrobatic bike, hand to hand, and banquine.