Bio – Antonin Wicky (english)

Antonin Wicky


In 1990, Antonin cried for the first time. Maybe he wanted to start a revolution… Or maybe he just needed some air to breath. The desire to put on a red nose is pretty precocious. He didn’t want to be a policeman or an astronaut, but a clown. It’s probably because his grandparents introduced to a famous Swiss name … Grock ! After that, the clown virus did not stop spreading through the body of Antonin.

Climbing on trees was not a real sport at the time, so at 5 years old, Antonin started artistic  gymnastics. He felt somewhat obliged due to a long line of ancestral gymnasts. He begun in high level competition until he was 18 years old.

Outside of gym class, this little Swiss boy was facinated by everything. He soon became interested in the arts ; cinema, theatrical improvisation, drawing… and circus ! These interests brought him to study the arts at a highschool level education. He could never see himself doing a job behind a desk, so the artist had to born. He started as a coach in LeZarti’cirque school in Switzerland. There, he learned many specialities, like chinese pole and hand to hand. But the red nose  continued to give him more passion. The Auguste allowed him to criticize and laugh at the world around him. At the same time, he improved in other disciplines to prepare himself to enter into a professional circus program. That program was at the National Circus School in Montréal, where he met his parter, Jérémy Vitupier. Together, they began to create their own absurd universe. They called themselves « les Expirés », a word that is weighted in meaning for them. During his three years in Montréal, he also had the chance to improve in chinese pole, banquine, hand to hand, icarian games and acrobatics.